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State of Mind, State of Running

December 1, 2011

Running, for me, is a state of mind. It’s where I go to de-stress after a long day of work. Running is what brought me to meeting my best friend Kimmie Rae. We both were slower runners on the Cross Country team clocking our per mile pace time between 6 – 6:30/mile, which looking back was actually quite good, but we were the slower girls on our High School team. In College I ran when I was mad and upset: at life, at a boyfriend, etc. Running is what I do when I have a problem or issue that I need to think through. I just lace up my shoes and go. Most of the time I put music on as backdrop and I mentally work through what ever is eating away at me and try to figure out what I should do differently next time. Even when I’m not stressed, lacing up my shoes and just going out for a run, whether it be 3 miles or 16, keeps me both physically and mentally ready for what life throws my way.

I love running because I can challenge myself and every time I lace up my shoes it’s me versus the trail. It hasn’t always been that way. When I started running again 4 years ago, it was a love hate relationship which teetered on the hate side.

I remember when my husband, Jason, suggested that we run a marathon 5 years ago. I thought he was crazy. We were barely running 4 miles a week at the time, and I couldn’t even fathom finishing a half marathon. We decided to take baby steps and so we registered for the first annual Rock N Roll marathon in Seattle. The Spring of 2009 we started running 5Ks and 10Ks to prep for the half marathon. We didn’t really follow any training plan, we just figured that we if we raced at the 10K distance on the weekends we should be fine. We threw in the Bloomsday 12K in for good measure as our “long” run. Man, were we very unprepared for that first Half. About 8 miles in I wanted to die. It was a sweltering 70°+  and I was trying to keep up with Jason who was running much faster than I was used to. I let him go around mile 8 and caught up to him again around mile 11, but just as I got within 100 yards of him he took off like a flash. The last mile of that race felt like 5, and I was so dehydrated that within 30 minutes of finishing I became violently ill and spent the rest of the day hugging the porcelain god and vowing that I was NEVER going to run a half marathon again.

Little did I know that it was the beginning of my running career and now I’m a full fledged running Fanatic and Maniac!


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