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How to tell if you might be a Marathon Maniac or Half Fanatic

December 14, 2011

In 2009 Jason and I joined the Half Fanatics, a world wide running club that started here in Seattle. In May 2011, I joined the Marathon Maniacs by completing two marathons in 14 days. 🙂 What’s funny is I remembered when I first read the list below and thought, that would never be me. Sadly, I think that all except one or two of the items on the list now apply to me.

Yesterday while at  a Junior League of Seattle meeting, I mentioned that I’ve been getting 10-12 mile training runs in since I’ve become unemployed and *ALL* of the girls looked at me like I was crazy. The funny thing is that compared to my running pal Jules, I feel like I’m not getting the weekly distance in that I should. I guess I really have become a Maniac! Take the quiz below and see if you too qualify.

Are you addicted to running marathons or half marathons?

  • Do your thoughts switch to the next scheduled race immediately after finishing a marathon?
    • Doh! I’m typically thinking about the next race during my current race. Trying to determine how fast I can/should go based on when my next race is scheduled and the importance of that race.
  • Are you signed up for more than one race right now?
    • I’m typically signed up for at least 3-4 races at a time… sometimes more, sometimes less. 
  • Do you know specifics about many of the marathons? Dates, courses, years run, etc.?
    • Mostly the ones here in SEA and a few of the ones I’ve put on my wish list! 🙂
  • Do you know the story of how the marathon got started? Also why the course is 26.2 miles?
    • Yes sir! 
  • Do you read books on marathons like Marathon and Beyond?
    • I’ve got a subscription to Runners World…
  • Do you look at the race schedule more than once a week?
    • I can’t lie. I’ve got an app that’s on my phone to remind myself how many miles I need to hit each week in prep for my upcoming races. 🙂
  • Do you start to feel down when you haven’t run a full or half marathon in a while?
    • I’m still depressed that I got sick in November and had to cancel out of the Seattle Quadzilla. 😦 I was only going to do the Triple this year, but alas I’ve got to wait one more year for that coveted super crazy person medal for those who complete the 4 marathons in 4 days 
  • Are your closets and dressers filled with race t-shirts?
    • Yup. I’ve got about 30 shirts in circulation right now.
  • Do you have so many marathon medals that you’ve run out of room on the hook they hang from?
    • Yup, it’s why I’ve got a Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics medal hanger on my holiday wish list!
  • When asked about your racing from none running people, do you find yourself talking with great passion to the point that the person that asked the question regrets ever asking?
    • Tee hee hee. Maybe. Just ask the ladies from Junior League I was speaking to on Monday night. I have to remind myself, not everyone loves running like i love running.
  • Have you run marathons on back to back weekends? Or better yet back to back days?
    • Yes! I’m still aiming for the days part, but that will come. 
  • Have you run a marathon as a training run? Or just to pace a friend?
    • Nike Women’s Marathon was my training run for the 50 miler, and I did two halves in 2011 to pace friends who had the goal of getting under 2 hrs. 🙂 It was fun.
  • When asked by loved ones what your plans are for the weekend, you feel guilty telling them your running another marathon so you tell them “it’s only a half or 10k this weekend”?
    • Loved ones, friends, co workers…. yeah, pretty much everyone I know.
  • Have you ever planned your vacations around a full or half marathon?
    • Yes.. we did two running vacations in 2011… now if I can convince the hubby for a vacation to do any of the Hawaii marathons in 2012!

Well if you answered yes to any of these questions, you just may be a Half Fanatic and/or a Marathon Maniac!!! Click on the names to the right to see if you qualify.

Qualifying isn’t a cake walk if you aren’t a runner, but let me tell you that the Half Fanatics and Marathon Maniac’s I’ve met are all awesome people. It gives you an instant community at virtually every race across the country. It was great to go to the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco (where I knew no one) and by wearing my Marathon Maniac Diva shirt I quickly found three wonderful ladies who were also Maniacs, see the picture above. Instant running partners no matter where you go to run.


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