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Strawberry Rosette Cake

April 16, 2012


The Strawberry Angel Food & Red Velvet Rosette Cake

Last year I was blog hopping trying to come up with the perfect Easter dessert and I stumbled upon I Am Baker’s Rose Cake Tutorial. It’s a very simple design that looks much more complicated than it is. I made two versions of the rose cake for two different parties and both were a hit. If you’re looking for a quick way to decorate your cake give the rosettes a shot. They are easy to make and very forgiving AND can make a basic cake look amazing.

What you need to make the rosette design:

  • 1MLarge Open Star Decorating Tip
  • Decorating Bag (Featherweight, Disposable or Parchment)
  • Buttercream Frosting
  • Baked Cake

How to make the rosettes

  • Take your baked cake and use butter cream frosting to create a crumb coating over the main cake.
  • Place your 1M or large open star decorating tip into the disposable bag and cut off any excess bag off of the tip. If you are using a coupler and a reusable featherweight bag, use the following Coupler guide from Wilton to get the bag set and ready for cake decorating.
  • Fill your cake decorating bag. If you want to kick your rosettes up a notch, use the bag striping technique to add a burst of color within the rosette. Take your empty bag, and using a clean brush dip it into your food coloring and then paint a thin line from the base of the inside of the decorating tip up the edge of the decorating bag. You can do this with multiple colors or a single color to give plain colored frosting a little umph. As the icing is squeezed out of the bag it will contain stripes of color.
  • To make the rosette:
      • Hold the tip about 1/4 an inch above the cake, in the middle of where you want the rose, and evenly squeezing out the frosting make a star. Maintain the pressure on the decorating bag and slowly move outward from the center star in and swirl around the star to create an outer spiral. Continue to create tight layers spiraling outward from the original star until the rose is as wide/thick as you desire.
      • Continue placing rosettes around the side and across the top of the cake until it’s filled. I AM BAKER recommended making star swoops in the void space between the rosettes so there aren’t gaps. I thought it looked great even without the star swoops.


    • What to do if you run out of icing after finishing the top? Well if you notice in one of my photo’s the top of the cake is decorated with the rosettes but I ran out of icing before I could get the rosettes around the side. I took fresh strawberries and cut them in half and then placed them around the edge of the cake. It’s a great way to add fresh fruit the cake and to make the cake pop with a burst of color.

Making the layered Angel Food and Red Velvet Rosette Cake

The second cake I made was for a special gathering and they had asked for me to make strawberry shortcake. I wasn’t feeling up to strawberry shortcake, but I did have a box of angel food cake mix and a box of red velvet cake mix. So I decided to make a layered cake with Red Velvet on the bottom, a layer of strawberries with a cream cheese frosting, and then angel food cake on top. Below are the photos of what the combined layered cake looks like.
I used a very thick cream cheese butter cream icing for a crumb coat on the cake to fill in the gaps between the two cakes and around the outside. After placing the crumb coat I placed the cake in the freezer for ~2 hours to make sure it was hard and solidified before starting to decorate it with the rosettes. This helped to keep the cake in place as I decorated it with the rosettes. Due to the layers I did three vertical rows of the rosettes on the sides of the cake and then filled in the top of the cake with rosettes. I was gifted some Wilton Color Dust and tried to use it to color my rosettes on the top of the cake. I really didn’t like how it turned out with the color dust and have got to find a better way to use the color dust with cake decorating.

Let me know what you think. Are you going to try to use the Rosette pattern on your next holiday cake?

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