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Resolution Run 2013

January 1, 2013

So If I were still in Seattle, today I’d be out with a ton of Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics running the First Call New Years Day Half Marathon. It’s a tradition, like Apple Pie and the fourth of July, Peanut Butter and Jelly, running back to back marathons to get a shirt that says DIVA. But alas, I’m not in Seattle and I need to move on and find my running groove here in Oregon.

I was going to join the Southern Oregon Runners for their Resolution Run, but as I lay in bed this AM I got to thinking… Why would I pay $5 to go run for an hour on my own? Don’t get me wrong. I like the various running groups, but I don’t like the idea of paying for a training run…especially when I know that if I just get my hiny out of bed I’ll get a 6-10 mile run in. So I didn’t get up for the bright and early run like I had originally planned, but after eating a nice good sized breakfast and letting it settle while watching a Bowl Game, I took off to go conquer RoxyAnne Butte again. Cheers to holding myself accountable and getting out there!

Run: Roxy Anne Butte Summit (from Hill Crest)

Miles: 8.5 Miles

Gear: CW-X Insulated Running Tights, Sports Bra running top, North Face WindBreaker Fleece Vest, Helly Hansen long sleeve light weight wool top,

Food/Fuel on the Run: Fuel Belt 4-Bottle Belt ( 2 w/water and 2 with NuuN) FRS Energy Chew

Shoes on the Run: Saucony Kinvara 2

Goal: Run from the base to the main gate and then from the main gate to the second gate without stopping to walk.

See the run and the route (RoxyAnne Butte Summit) on DailyMile.

So how did it go?

Well…. The long sleeve light weight wool and fleece vest were perfect for the backside of the mountain where it cold and snowy, but I was way over dressed for the trek up the South Side route… I was pretty stoked that I made it without stopping to the main gate — it was a slow pace, but I got there without stopping, I then shed my warm clothes and continued my trek onward and upward. I took the clock wise route around the mountain hitting the shady cold side first and was passed by a gaggle of male runners who were heading up to the summit. I decided to follow suite in my own slow fashion.


Here I am heading up to the summit on the steep trek. By the time I got to the summit road I decided to give my legs a break and I hiked the .5 mile to the top. It was steep and snow packed, shaded by the trees. It was a tad bit chilly, somewhere between 40 – 42 degree’s out, but the view was amazing (Mt McLaughlin is just above my head!)


Wohoo… I made it to the top and took a nice 10 minute break to enjoy the sunshine and the view before treking back down. Although alot of runners don’t take water with them, I find it essential. I sweat. I sweat a lot. I found that I can do an 8.5 mile run like I did today without water but I feel like poo later in the day. So I broken a Nuun tab in half put it into two of my little 7 oz water bottles and made sure that I was rotating between the Nuun and Water each mile. I’m a snacker at heart who loves  (and I mean loves) sweets…. so there is nothing I enjoy more than either a Pinapple and Mango or Pomegranate and Blueberry FRS chew about half way through the run to keep me going. It’s sweet, it gives me a little boost of energy and I love the way they taste. MMMM…

After my break at the top of RoxyAnne I decided to book it back down. Last weekend when I went running with Holly and the girls we did a shorter version of the route in 1:24 minutes and I wanted to beat that time. I carefully took off and tried to maintain a 8:40 – 9 min pace the entire way back down.

Overall a good run and I’m glad I got out to enjoy the views!

Happy New Years. Did you get out and run today? Where did you go?

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