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Athletic Edge’s The Combine workout

January 5, 2013

So last night I got home from work and my husband is in his work out clothes and he’s getting ready to head out to the Gym to go participate in “The Combine” group fitness class. It’s a workout modeled after Cross Fit that they offer at Athletic Edge the gym connected to ABK here in Medford. He’s been trying to get me to and join him and I’ve given excuse after excuse. Tonight, I decided what the heck. Why not. If I’m going to really make progress in Operation Eliminate Muffin Top 2013 I’m going to have to do more than run. So I changed into my gym clothes and we hit the road. It was a small class of 4 of us and the trainer decided to see if she could make our legs go weak.
We did 5 circuts of 4 exercises for a minute each with a one minute break in between each circut. It doesn’t seem like it would be that hard, but we got our heart rate up right away and we were each drenched in sweat by the end of the first circut. Awesome.
Combine, Friday Class

10 Minute Active Warm Up

  • static stretching–on your own
  • lunge with twist
  • toe touch walk
  • drum major jog
  • toe bounces
  • heel walks
  • Circut 1: Fun with Tires

  • 10 yard Tire Push with Squat Jump
  • Standing Long Jump
  • Large Rope Throw Down
  • 30M sprints with Tire Sled
  • Circut 2: Cardio & Arms

  • Stairs
  • 10 yard Tire Flip with Squat Jump
  • Lunges
  • Boso Balance Ball Jump Squats
  • Circut 3: Mix it up!

  • Boso Ball Push Ups & Planks
  • Incline Treadmill Lunges
  • Hitting a Tire with an axe like object
  • Double Rope Throw Down
  • Circut 4: Abs

  • SuperMan (abs) with row
  • Boso Balance Ball Alternating Sides Leg/Arm V-Ups
  • Boso Balance Ball Quick Foot Touches
  • Single Leg squat
  • Circut 5: Core & Legs

  • Burpees
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Plank
  • My thoughts… It was a well designed workout that left my legs quivering and weak. Wohoo!

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