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Saturday Run 1/5

January 6, 2013

Well my legs are still feeling a bit like jello, but I told the girls that I’d join them this morning for a 6-7 mile run, so off I went. It was a crisp 32 degrees outside so I dressed warmly and changed out my shoes to the Brooks Ravena’s. The Brooks have a bit more cushioning so I like to wear them when I know that I’m spending the most of my run on pavement. They felt a little bit like heaven since they kept my feet a bit warmer than my Kinvara’s and the cushioning helped me not take a pounding to my knees.
We started off at brisk pace around 9 min/mile and kept the pace until a little over mile 3 where we slowed it down so my legs wouldn’t give out on me. My legs feel about the same as when I did the Ragnar Ultra style. They were quivering and telling me to stop. But I didn’t and the girls were awesome and they slowed down with me and kept my pace the for the last 3 miles of the loop.

Course: Jacksonville’s Pony Espresso 6 mile Loop
Gear: CW-X Insulated Running Tights, NERD Socks, Running Bra Top, Helly Hansen Long Sleeve Light Weight Wool Zip-Up shirt, North Face Fleece Vest, Wool Hat
Shoes: Brooks Ravena
Weather: 32 degrees with light fog

I think that one of my favorite parts of the run was the socializing with the girls over coffee as we attempted to warm back up. I feel very blessed to have connected with a great group of female runners!

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