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Frostbite 10K 2013: Race Report

January 20, 2013

Christi, Holly and Stephanie before the start of the Frost Bite 10K. Yesterday I ran my first race of 2013, the Frostbite 10K in Central Point, Oregon. I was very fortunate that the girls I’ve been training with along with my awesome husband came out to run and to convince me to run despite the 20 degree weather. I decided to do the 10K instead of the 5K so I wouldn’t need to get a second run in on Saturday to keep my weekly mileage between 10 – 20 miles.

The race lived up to it’s name FrostBite because a thick layer of freezing fog covered the Rogue Valley leaving everything layered with frost from the roads, the trees, and even our cars. The Southern Oregon Runners put on this race and did a great job with registration and race set-up. They were smart with delaying the race 15 minutes to let the sun break through the fog and help defrost the road ways a little bit.

The race kicked off and we quickly settled into packs of runners by pace. I decided to try to kick it up a notch and keep with a the group of people who were running apx 8 min/mile.  Our little group of runners broke apart into two smaller groups right after the turn 2 1/2 miles into the course and I stayed back with the runners that were averaging 8:30 min/mile pace. We had settled into our groove and were just keeping pace with a little chit chat here and a little bit of trying to keep warm there.

Unfortunately it turned out that virtually none of the runners in the group directly ahead of us or in our group had run the course before… so when we joined up with the 5K runners the gentleman directed us to go straight with the 5K instead of hitting the 10K turn around. It was until about a quarter of a mile later that we realized that about 15 of us had missed the turn so we made a U’ee and hightailed it back to the course. We picked it up a notch to try to make up for the extra half a mile that we added to the race and to see if we could catch up with the 9 min/mile group of runners. The last mile was the toughest because by then (despite the sunshine) the cold was setting in and I was chilled down the bone. My pace had dropped down toward 9:30 min/mile but I just kept on chugging along. I realized that I wouldn’t hit my PR, but I could still finish strong and keep below the 8:30 pace mark.

It was awesome to have the hubby cheering me along and at the finish line.

Course: FrostBite 10K (DailyMile)
Gear: CW-X Insulator Running Tights, Northface Fleece Vest, ChicAthlete Running Skirt, Nike long sleeve 1/4 zip running top.
Shoes: Brooks Ravena
Weather: 20 degrees with freezing fog & sun patches


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