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Chevron Accent Wall

January 29, 2013

Painted Chevron Wall

How to create a Chevron Accent Wall

AKA: How to take a plain wall and make it the focal point of a room. Don’t be afraid of patterns. They can make a room!

If you’ve seen my boards on Pinterest Ideas for the Home Board then you might have seen that I’m in love with Chevron patterned walls. When we made the move from Issaquah, down to Medford I knew that I wanted to give our master bedroom a splash of color and test my chops at using the guides I found on Pinterest to create my own Chevron Master Bedroom.

The first step for me was to choose my color palette. I decided to match my chevron to one of my favorite Don McMichael prints that has teal and blue undertones. (It also helps that I already have two teal lamps for our bedroom, so it will help me tie all of my jewel tone colors together!Don-McMichael_Passing-Glances
I found the coastal tones palette on and took it to Home Depot to have them help me match the colors, and they helped me by making small 1 ounce samples of the paint colors so I could take them home and test them on in my room before committing. Then when I finalized which colors I wanted I went and had them make pint sized containers of paint which was more than enough for all of the colored stripes. I had to get two pints of the light grey color for the bottom of the wall.
Coastal Tones Color Palette

The blogs posts I read that gave me pointers and tips to paint my chevron wall:

Tips for painting a Chevron Wall:

  • Measure your wall and determine how many chevrons you want to fit in the space and do the math to determine how many vertical chalk lines to draw.
  • Mark each vertical and hortizontal line 3-4 times on the wall and make sure you line up with the chalk line prior to setting the line. Then connect the dots between chalk line points to create your chevron pattern.
  • Use a chalk line for your vertical lines
  • Use blue painters tape
  • Use a knife/razor blade to make the points where your painters tape intersects perfectly square
  • Paint over the painters tape with 1-2 coats of your base color (for me it was white) prior to painting with your core colors
  • WP_000860

  • Let the paint dry completely before removing your painters tape
  • Don’t buy too much paint. If you want multiple colors then buy pint sized containers. It will save you $$.
  • Use a small paint brush to touch up any of the colored lines that might have bled through

It took roughly 3 1/2 hours of total time to prep and paint the wall over the course of 3 days. The total cost (including the paint brushes and supplies, painters tape, chalk line, drop cloth, and multiple pints and 1 ounce samples of paint) was $75.
It was really easy to do and the only thing I would do differently if I painted another chevron wall again would be to put another base layer of white paint over my painters tape prior to painting my chevron stripes. I had quite a bit of bleed through in my white stripes that separated out my main colors. This is in part because I have crazy textured walls. If you have a flat surface then a single coat of paint should suffice, but if you’re walls are like mine and have lots of texture to them, take the time to do at least two thick coats of paint over the painters tape before you start adding your colors.

Here is the shot of the unfinished wall after I finished adding my first coat of color.
Even if it doesn’t look perfect during the painting stage, don’t worry. It can still turn out all right! I love, love, love my chevron wall!


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