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Princess Merida (BRAVE) Running Costume

February 3, 2013


Running Costume: Princess Merida Brave

The Disney World Princess Half Marathon is a little over three weeks away. Woot, woot. My cousin’s running mate saw the Princess Aurora running costume I designed last weekend for Janelle and decided that she wanted to be a princess too. I’m guessing that Lisa is a redhead like me because she chose Merida from Brave. And really if you’re a red head there aren’t that many fairy tail princesses to choose from: Merida or Ariel, and Ariel wears not much more than a bra top and see through skirt.
There aren’t a lot of Princess Merida running costumes since it’s a fairly new movie, so I took inspiration from the movie itself. What a great excuse to watch a fun Disney movie on a Sunday afternoon. 🙂 Merida is kicking butt and taking names during the movie and I’m loving the fact that I can sew on the embellishments for the bodice to make it super cute and functional while being non-chaffing.

Merdia Bodice Top

I found some stretchy velvet that would help make the perfect Merida and was a great combination between her light teal and dark teal dresses. To help the bodice standout I used some glittery gold ribbon in conjunction with the a gold lace style ribbon for the lace up portion of the bodice. I wasn’t sure if Lisa wanted a skirt or a dress so I prepped for both and can adjust the bodice top to make it into a dress pretty quickly. If she goes the dress route it looks like I’ll have an extra skirt for me. 🙂

ChicAthlete Non-Slip Headband: Merida Headband

I have taken a little bit of a pause from making and selling ChicAthlete headbands, but I’ve started to get more requests lately.


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