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10000 Push-Up Challenge

February 8, 2013


Starting February 1st my gym started a 10,000 push-up challenge. It’s a really simple premise and I’ve got my fingers crossed that by the end of the challenge I can do 100 consecutive push-ups without cheating or doing them girl style. No I mean full plank push-ups… 100… non-stop.
10,000 push ups. You’re kidding right? No. No, sadly they were not, but at least when I got the details I thought, “Well that doesn’t seem too bad. I think I can do it. Well I think I can as long as I can do girl style push-ups for the first 30-40 days!”

100 push ups each day for 100 days

Simple. Right? 
Right-ish. If you’re out of shape or don’t do push-ups often like me then it’s not as simple as it sounds.
So how is it that I’m still participating despite the fact that I can only do between 10-20 full plank  push-ups? I’m working my way up to the 100 consecutive by doing them in groups of 20 – 40 push-ups several times a day. In the morning before I get ready for work I’ve been doing my 10-20 normal push-ups. I go for as many as I can before my arms give out on me. I then shower and do my beauty routine. Before I finish putting my makeup on I try to get another 20 to 40 push-ups in, but this time I do them against the bathroom counter. 

Is it cheating? Maybe. But it still gives my shoulders, delts and triceps a good workout. I’ll rotate between having my arms out to the side to focus on my shoulders and delts and between having my elbows in toward my side focusing on my shoulders and triceps. It might seem like cheating, but I’m starting to see some results of definition in the muscles in my shoulders and arms. 🙂 Wohoo. 

I then rotate between the remaining 50 -60 push-ups between when I first get home from work and when I go to bed. It’s tough, and on nights like tonight Jason and I are both really sore and tired. BUT… and it’s a big but we’re still pushing forward.

The Rules

  1. Choose a day to start. We all choose to start on roughly the same day – February 1st. I actually didn’t start until the 2nd so I’m one day behind.
  2. Do 100 push-ups each day.Can’t do them all at once? Do what I do and break it up with different styles of push-ups across the day.
  3. Don’t give up!

Missed a day? Don’t worry. Either try to make-up for it the next day or across the next few days. I wasn’t feeling great on Tuesday so I only did 80 and I added the extra 20 to Wednesday. Missed a couple of days? Again, don’t worry. The goals is to get stronger over the course of 100 days. The only way you lose is if you give up and stop.

I’ve got 6 days down and 94 left to go!

Who knows with the type of results I’m starting to see in my arms I’m contemplating committing to adding in 100 lunges/squats per day too to see if I can get my legs and tush in better shape too! 🙂

How about you? Would you be willing to take a 100 day challenge to see if you can change your life and gain strength?

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