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Bellevue 10K Race Recap (4/28/13)

April 29, 2013

So we decided to support the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club, and despite our lack of running lately, this morning we ran the Bellevue 10K.

Okay, so the disclaimer is that I haven’t been running in a while. We’re knees deep into our move back to Seattle and have been bouncing around from hotel to friends houses back to hotels while waiting for our rental house to become available. It’s an excuse and a sad one at that to stop my workout regime — but I’ll get back into it again here once we move into our new house on May 1st and my life becomes more settled.

The weather was perfect a mild 52 degrees and cloudy.

Over 2500 total runners showed up to run the 10K and 5K races.

Music on the run: 10K Pop Music Playlist

Finish Time: 58:54, pace 9:30

So how’d the run go:
Slow and painful. Okay not really painful — but it seemed painful because I know how fast I used to run when I kept up with my early morning workouts. My goal was to run a 55-57 min 10K, definitely not a goal for my fastest time, but a good solid 9 min/mile. I couldn’t find my Nike+ plugin so I was running blind in terms of pacing but I loaded my 15K pop playlist and set it to random and got into a good groove early on. I chugged up the first hill in downtown Bellevue and down the backside to the nice flat(ish) 2 miles that followed along side 405. Around mile 2 I noticed a sharp pain in my left knee every time I extended it out. Typically that would be a death nail for a run, but I decided to keep my pace and try to see how it felt after another mile or so. Right before mile 3 there were handing out Nuun (yum!!!) and I chugged my cup grabbed a water cup and by the time I finished drinking the water the pain in my knee had dissipated. Wohoo — Jason was right there and we held our pace somewhere between a 8:30 – 9 min/mile during the flat elevated trails that followed the swamps near I-90. I wanted to hold off on stopping to walk until mile 4 if at all, but it came a little bit early as my knee started to cause me pain again as I ramped up the hill along side I-90. Jason stopped and walked with me and we took a minute walking break before we took off and started running again. We continued running and kept going until just a little bit before mile 5 when Jason slowed down and needed a breather so I slowed to walk with him. It was great to have a partner and motivator there both when I needed it and when he needed it to say, we’ll walk until the next stop light and then let’s keep on going… and that’s what we did. We walked for 1/10th of a mile before we hit the 5 mile marker and kept on going all the way to the finish line.

I slowed down going up that final hill on Bellevue Way and Jason pulled away from me. As I came around the final corner toward the straight stretch I realized I had enough umph left in my legs and sprinted to catch up to Jason who was 15-20 yards ahead of me with 30 yards left to the finish line. I caught up and we crossed the finish line together.

It wasn’t my or our best race. But it was better than sleeping in and not getting out there.


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