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Run Angry

May 16, 2013

Have you ever gotten to the point where you’ve been through a lot, and you just needed to do something to deal with the stress and the anger? That was me yesterday.

It’s my first run since moving into our new home, in our new neighborhood. It’s been one hell of a two weeks. I started a new job, which is going swimmingly. We’ve been moving into a new home that hadn’t been cleaned prior to the movers showing up to move our stuff in… and when I say it was dirty, it’s an understatement. It was a complete mess — a hot mess and it was infested with fleas. Unpacking box upon box of broken and damaged belongings due to improper packing on behalf of the moving company. To say I’ve been stressed out and needing an outlet would be an understatement.

In addition today it’s been a week. A week since I got joyous and devasting news. I’m not going to go into all of it right now, but I will say that today after I got home from work I decided that it was time to lace up my shoes and work off and through some of my anger.

So I got home, put dinner on the stove, laced up my shoes and set off. I knew upon stepping outside of the door I was running on anger. Fed up with everything of the last two weeks and needing to decompress. I started out a way to fast and aggressive pace. It wasn’t until about a mile and half in that I came to the realization that I was running fast on purpose. I wanted to run until it hurt so that the pain from the last week wouldn’t be for naught, to punish my body since it was punishing me. It wasn’t until I turned up the hill on 40th that I let everything sink in and I had to stop because I started to hyperventilate and cry. Some times running while angry and mad can be as therapeutic as talking to your best friend. For me the quick 4 mile run was needed for me to cope and to come to terms with my struggles. To get away and to think while running off my stress.


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