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Labor Day 4 Mile Race Recap

September 2, 2013

Labor Day 4 mi Race Results

This year I decided to skip the Labor Day Half marathon and instead run the 4 mile race…. partially because on Sunday I did a speed hike with my friend Krystl up to the top of Mt Si. On the way back down I managed to completely mangle my ankle, pop it out of joint, and hobble my way back down. I was supposed to run the half, but it’s swollen and gross looking so we moved down to the 4 mile race to give my ankle a break. 

I made one teensy, tinsy little mistake. When we were looking at the race schedule I saw something about the 4 mile and 10am and didn’t read the schedule further. I just took it that the half marathon would start at 9 am and the 4 mile even would start an hour later. Great! We got there early to get our race bags and then walked back to the car and contemplated heading over to Whole Foods to grab some coffee and kill the hour before the race started. All of a sudden I heard something over the loud speakers (as we were on the far side of Marymoor about 1/4 mile from the start line) that all runners for the Half and 4 mile had to be over the start line in the next 5 minutes or be disqualified. OPPS! OH no! We threw our stuff into the car and took off to the starting line. Turns out I read the schedule wrong.

We were about 4 minutes behind all of the over runners and caught up to the walkers before we exited Marymoor. My ankle was hurting but I decided it wasn’t hurting enough to slow down — and if I ran fast then it would all be over. I picked up the pace and just kept a nice and steady pace while catching up to the runners ahead of me. Instead of slowing down when I was in pain I kept my pace knowing that if I slowed down it would be longer on my ankle. I crossed the finish line and felt pretty darned good. It turns out that I was averaging an 8 min/mile pace. Sweet!!!! My fasted time this year for more than a 5K. It turns out all of that running into the office might pay off.

Jason finished the race and we took off and headed home to finish out our Labor Day weekend. It wasn’t until later in the evening that I logged onto the computer to determine our finishing times that I found out that I finished 4th overall. 🙂 Woot woot. I guess there is something to all of that constant training and running thing! 🙂 Woot woot.


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