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What’s keeping you up at night and what to do about it

November 1, 2013

Sleep like a pug

By the end of the day almost every day I’m exhausted. My friends assume I’m exhausted because I’m training for some crazy race or doing lots and lots of running, but in reality that’s not the cause. I’m exhausted because I’m working harder than ever and it’s causing me to stress out about lots of things that I control as well as a handful of things that I can’t. I go through periods of time where I have a hard time sleeping because my mind is on work and the things I need to do. I’m not getting a restful nights sleep because I’m stressing out and I’m stressing out because I can’t sleep. It comes and it goes, but what I’ve found is that there are a few things I can do to keep myself sane. Here’s what I’ve found helps me. Maybe it can help you too:

  1. Have a plan and write it all down. Instead of staying up late worrying about what I need to do I make a plan for the next day, next week, etc.
  2. Embrace criticism, criticism comes because someone cares enough to try to make you better. See criticism as an opportunity to grow, develop and learn. If you never receive criticism be worried because it means that those around you might not care enough to help you get better or improve over time. Don’t stew over criticism you receive. It won’t help you and it will most likely just stress you out more not less.
  3. Don’t drive yourself crazy over things you can’t control.
  4. Build Margin into your life…leave time and room to relax and enjoy time with your friends, family and your hobbies!
  5. Set work hours and stick to them 90% of the time. Know that you’ll have to work long hours now and then, but don’t make it the norm.
  6. Find a way to take your mind off of work before you go to bed. For me it’s reading or cuddling with the hubs or the pups. 30 minutes of not thinking of work or anything related to work.
  7. Count your blessings every night. Write them down, keep a gratitude journal.

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