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When Walls Comes Crashing Down (LITERALLY)

November 2, 2013

Today the walls came crashing down around us… and by walls I mean ceiling. And I am speaking literally not figuratively. There was a high wind warning issued by NOAA in the Puget Sound, but little did we know that the tree in the front yard was susceptible to the strong winds blowing from just the right direction. So this afternoon around 11:30 am our rental home lost the battle between of house vs tree.

Tree vs House: Tree Wins


Count your blessings and keep smiling

I am so thankful right now that my husband, Jason, is alive and well. We were sitting in the living room when we heard a loud crack followed by a poof of what looked like smoke, but turned out to be the insulation from the attic crawl space. Jason was sitting in the chair and the tree hit directly above his head. The main trusses held steady just long enough for Jason to get out and although he was hit by plaster/dry wall from the ceiling he walked away with only a few minor scrapes. Thank God that he was sitting to the far side of the chair, if he had been 3 inches further to the right the main ceiling beam would have hit him… as it’s now in the chair– directly to the side of where Jason sat. Bella was fast as lightning as she bolted away from Jason’s side and over to where I was sitting on the couch.

While it took a while for the shock to wear off, there is one thing that we’ve repeated over and over again.

We’re safe. Neither Jason or myself was injured. The dogs are okay. We can replace any of our belongings that were damaged but we can’t replace each other. Thank God he protected us and we are counting our blessings that nothing more serious happened.

The fire department declared the house not safe until after the tree has been removed which is slated for Sunday— which makes sense now that we’ve got a skylight leading out of the garage and the living room. The landlords came quickly and they are acting fast to fix the house, but it could be 2-3 months until it’s ready to be lived in again. So for now, we’re in a hotel with the pups and we’re going to take it day by day to figure out what’s next and what to do.

So for all the looky loo’s who couldn’t stop by our house here are the pictures in all of their glory:

Tree on House in Cherry Crest Neighborhood

Jason’s Explorer was in the driveway but luckily the house broke the tree’s fall so his car only has minor damage done to the roof and a few scrapes down the side. I’ve done more damage with my Dad’s F150 attempting to take out a pole hidden in a bush… but then again that was in the 90’s when I was still learning to drive.

Living Room Damage

This was the first picture I took directly as we were rushing out of the living room. It was just minutes after the tree came crashing down. We rushed back over to the corner to pull the plugs on electronics to not start any fires. The TV technically works but it was flashing/blinking so it might have given up the ghost but we’re waiting to see once the electricity can be turned back on.

Living Room 'Skylight'

Here is the tree as seen directly above where Jason was sitting. The good news, if our landlords wanted a skylight there is now one right in the middle of the living room. It also gives them the opportunity for vaulted ceilings.


The garage also had a bit of a kerfuffle as the tree hit the wall between the garage and the living room. The garage also got a new skylight and the pull down ladder to get to the crawl space is displaced and dislodged. The storage items from the crawl space came crashing down into the garage, but for the most part there wasn’t a lot of breakable items and everything was packed. There might be a little bit of damage but not too bad.


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