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We Are Blessed. Tree vs House 2013

November 3, 2013

On Saturday I felt completely and utterly blessed that despite the house was damaged from the tree that we walked away with just minor scratches. Today I’m feeling blessed by the out pouring of love and support from our family and friends. It’s such a blessing to have a group of people come along side you during a hard time. Thank you!!!!

Komo 4 came out and covered the storm damage of our house.
Komo 4 News Coverage of the damage done to our house
All I can say is WOW. We started our Saturday off like a normal day. Portage Bay Cafe had their annual Great Pumpkin breakfast available (note: it’s only available one weekend out of the year, so I kind of make it a big deal to go and get it because it is SOOO delicious!) so we got up early and met up with my girlfriend Annie to introduce her to THE GREAT PUMPKIN.
Annie staring in awe at the amazing Great Pumpkin of Portage Bay Cafe. Yes, folks. That is a baked sugar pumpkin-- stuffed with gingerbread french toast and rum raisins, topped with a generous dollop of whipped cream.

We drove back across the 520 floating bridge… and yes, the wind was strong. But it wasn’t the first time we’ve driven across the bridge when the waves were crashing over the side of the bridge. About 10 minutes after we crossed the bridge they ended up closing it down because drivers were abandoning their vehicles due to the high waves/swells of water coming over the East Bound lanes. Okay, so I’m from Coos Bay, Oregon. You grow up driving in torrential downpours!
We made it home and snuggled up on the couch to watch Saturday College Football. I had just finished posting the picture of Annie to Facebook and adding a comment about what was in the photo when “BOOM. CRASH!!!”

I snapped this picture as soon as Jason dug himself out from the rubble and we backed out of the living room. Jason was sitting in the chair right in front of the TV where the majority of the debris fell.
1456566_10151905682832211_400547045_n (1)
Jason walked away with a few scratches on his arm from where a beam came down from the ceiling and the nails cut through his jacket and into his arm. I had some minor cuts on my wrist. All in all, we were safe and sound. The pups rushed away before the tree hit the house (call it a 6th sense!).

The tree hit almost directly on top of the wall that separated the living room from the garage. Had it fallen 3-6 inches to the right, Jason might not have survived. Luckily since it hit the support wall, it didn’t come all of the way through the house. It just caused the ceiling to collapse and the main roofing structure to shift.
I grabbed the pups and ran outside to see what in the world had happened. We really had no clue of the magnitude of what had happened just that our ceiling crashed in without warning. I snapped the photo of what the damage looked like from the outside. The light post in the front of the house was sparking and we had to figure out how to quickly cut the power to the house! We called 911 and the Fire Trucks arrived within minutes. They were shocked at the damage and worked quickly to cut the power and the gas so that there wouldn’t be subsequent damange.
We are so blessed that we weren’t injured there was just damage to personal belongings all of which can be replaced!
I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but I can say that God protected us from the worst. We walked away safe and sound. We had renters insurance to cover our losses. Our landlords had home owners insurance to cover the damages to the house.
Lesson learned: Be thankful for what you have! You never know when an accident can happen and your life can forever be altered.


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