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Giving Thanks this Thanksgiving with Friends and the Marathon Man Trent Marrow

November 30, 2013

Count your Blessing and Give Thanks

This year, Jason and I have so much to be Thankful for. While some people focus on the negative and on what they want versus what they have I like to stay positive and optimistic. God is good and he has provided us with so much that we often take for granted everything that we have. In the last 16 months we’ve moved 4 four times across two states each time with help of others. We are both healthy. We both survived the tree falling on the house and crashing through our living room. We’re both employed and enjoy the work we do. We’ve been able to run multiple half marathons injury free. We’ve got amazing family and friends who have helped us and supported us over the last month while we were getting back on our feet.

Counting our blessings is what Thanksgiving is all about. Choosing to focus on how great God is and how he has continued to provide for us and take care of us no matter what the situation. It wasn’t a year without stress and loss, but we’ve weathered the good with the bad and are counting the blessings that we have. We have each other. We have family and friends and two very cute pups.

The Australian Marathon Man

The week we moved into our new house I received a facebook post from my friend Kay. She was hosting the “Marathon Man” as he participated in the Seattle Quadzilla during his attempt to complete 160 Marathons in a single calendar year and he really wanted to participate in an American Thanksgiving meal. Kay and her family are Japanese so she doesn’t do the entire shebang and she’d seen my pictures from previous years so she asked if I could host him so he could see what our Thanksgiving is all about. Graciously and with lots of thought I accepted the challenge as a great excuse to get the majority of boxes unpacked and have people over to celebrate a delayed Thanksgiving. I love cooking so I decided to up the ante and create a “Post Thanksgiving” Thanksgiving feast.

Much to my dismay and surprise Trent came jogging up the stairs to our front door and was still smiling ear to ear. With his cape flapping the breezy Seattle afternoon he came abounding into the living room. I love the cape and the costume. What a great way to be recognizable out on the Marathon course! I’m just impressed that he is still so agile and moving after completing the Ghost of Seattle Marathon within the last half an hour, the third of the four races as part of the Seattle Quadzilla.
It was an honor and pleasure to spend a portion of the afternoon with Trent and learn about his endeavor. He’s been running non-stop this year and has traveled across 6 continents and 20 states while running 134 marathons year to date. Trent choose this year as the year to attempt to get into the Gunniess Book of world records to celebrate the 20th year of his Mum passing away. It is touching to hear him speak about how running has helped him lose weight and find focus. It’s also interesting to hear about the difficulties and the challenges he’s faced this last year as he has traversed the globe while attempting to complete his dream of 160 marathons in 365 days.

Trent is looking for sponsors and support to help him reach his dream. The craziest part about his story is that he is pretty much paying for his dream on his own right now. Living out a suitcase and spending his nights trying to figure out how to get from one destination to the next. He’s been fortunate and lucky to meet individuals like Kay via the network other runners and Marathon Maniacs. Kay and her son have spent the last four days as a host family to Trent, driving him from race to race, feeding him, and supporting him on his Seattle leg of his journey.

Can you help? Contact him via twitter @themarathonman


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