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We Joined ACUO Crossfit Redmond

November 15, 2014

Jason and I decided to start up cross fit again! With the recommendations from a few of my work colleagues we decided to join ACUO Crossfit in Redmond.

We had previously tried CrossFit 425 and Northwest Crossfit in Bellevue, but I wasn’t fans of either of those gyms. I loved the people and trainers at Northwest 425 but it got crowded for the 6pm and 7pm classes and I wanted something a little more intimate. We then went around the block to CrossFit 425 — again I liked the people in the class and I liked one of the two trainers… but the trainer I didn’t like was arrogant and rude to individuals who weren’t planning on competing and helping the gym make a name for itself. I was told to work out before I came to the gym so I would be stronger and be able to compete. That’s not what I wanted, nor was it what I was looking for in a gym.
We took a few month break while I changed jobs this summer and then decided to give ACUO Crossfit a try. It’s sort of hidden in the industrial section of Redmond, but the box (gym) is spacious and the classes are intimate and you get personal instruction from the trainers. ACUO has the sense of community that I was hoping to find in a gym, and while I’m not planning on competing any time soon — they do a good job of pushing members so that you get a good workout in and are constantly improving on times and weights.


So here’s to attempting Crossfit and joining a box! Who knows maybe someday I’ll actually enjoy lifting weights and I’ll be able to hit the RX weight amounts. As for now I’m happy to be one of the faster runners for all of the cardio parts of the WOD. 🙂


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