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Flame Red Ombre Hair

January 27, 2015

My crossfit friend Avery does colorwork at Gene Jaurez in Redmond so at the beginning of the month I went in to get an ombre style look. Avery did an amazing job at making my red hair look natural and it was a beautiful cut and color. The only problem is that I’ve been dreaming about flame red ombre. I didn’t really do a great job explaining this — in fact, I said bright and orange, but no one here in Seattle ever knew me back in the day when I went for flaming hair colors. 🙂 It’s been a good 15 years since my hair was flame red like the sun. The problem is that I’m starting to feel like I look like an old lady — a basic bob, boring natural red hair. No funk. I feel like I sold out and left my funk at the door when I started working for Microsoft. Sure, I had some funky outfits and glasses, but I rarely wear them any more. I’ve become plain jane and I miss the crazyish me of days of yore.
Marketing is supposed to be fun. AND CREATIVE.
So today… in between client meetings….. I sorta went back to my Manic Panic roots. I love my Electric Tigerlily to Flame to Inferno Red color combination. You add that to Avery’s beautiful highlights and well, I got my funk back! These aren’t the best photos in the world, but I didn’t finish my hair until the sun started to go down so this was as good as I could get in the little remaining natural sunlight. 🙂

So much fun and funk! Welcome back to funky town and good bye to my soccer mom look.




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