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Post D&C Follow-Up

March 28, 2015

It’s been a week since my D&C and the loss of my (our) baby girl. I’m doing slightly better than I would have expected a week ago. It’s still tough and it’s still hard for me to acknowledge the sense of loss. I’m doing my best to get back to “normal” and moving forward — life moves on — By Tuesday and Wednesday I was smiling again.

The Weekend

Day 1 & 2: I took it fairly easy and rested. My body felt fine — little-to-no pain, no cramping, no soreness. I followed doctors orders and mainly rested and refrained from much physical activity. After reading dozens of posts about what to expect post D&C I was expecting a decent amount of bleeding and spotting, but I experienced almost none. I had very minimal spotting Friday night as I left the hospital and went home, but over the weekend there was none. I’m not sure if that’s normal or not.

What I did do over the weekend was took a trip to Molbacks to buy a planter to make a memorial garden for our lost babies. Since I won’t receive the cremated body back for any sort of service I wanted something to have as my own little memorial for them. We found a nice light blue with purple and pink planter that looks great with the purple tulips and pink begonias we’ve received from friends and family. I added some light purople violets, and pink and white british button daisies into the flower pot and once we decide on names I’m going to put up a little angels sign in the pot. 🙂 It was more therapeutic than I imagined it would be. Now I just have to decide on the name! Another hard decision. We’d been rotating calling the baby Peanut, Roy or Hazel depending on the day and our guess if it was a little he or she.

Unfortunatly I had to make a decision between taking Monday off as a PTO day (which means fewer vacation days later in the year when I know that I’ll want a break) or going into the office and working. I made the decision to go back to work on Monday instead of staying at home and resting. I sit all day anyways– it’s not like I have a physical job.


Day 3: I gave myself the goal of trying to make 2-3 hours without crying once I made it into the office, and I did, however lose it while we were praying on the way into the office. I’m having a hard time attempting to be grateful in prayer when my heart is angry and crying out “WHY?!?!?!” I am thankful for all of the other blessings in my life and there are so many blessing; but it’s something I’m going to be struggling with for a while.
It was a struggle to try to smile with birthday well wishes and answering questions about how my weekend was when I did just want to cry. I think I did an okay job of holding back tears and just smiling and nodding through discussions.
For some odd reason cramps decided to make their first appearance about half way through the day. No spotting, no bleeding. Just mind numbing cramps coming and going every 10-15 minutes lasting anywhere from 15-45 seconds. Lucky me, since I hadn’t needed the extra strength Ibuprofen all weekend, I just left it at home. *DURGH* *HEAD SLAP* The afternoon lasted forever while waiting to leave to get my Ibuprofen. Lesson learned — take a pill with you that way if you don’t need it you still have it, and if you need it… it’s there!
Things I recommend for others post D&C: As soon as the cramps start take the Ibuprofen. It helps! Second, if you can, have a very hot hot water bottle handy. Setting it directly on the belly helped alleviate the cramps.

Tuesday – Friday

The rest of the week was more of the same. The cramps got worse and worse each day lasting longer throughout the day. Again I’m not sure if this is normal or not. I found that by Wednesday it’s easier to just take the Ibuprofen every 6 hours as directed on the label — because I could identify within 20 minutes when it had worn off due to the cramps intensifying. Hot water bottles for the belly and the back are currently standard as soon as I get home and when I go to bed. On Thursday night the cramps intesified to the point of me waiting up at 2 am with very severe pain and not being able to get back to sleep until 5 am due to the frequency and intensity of the cramps. Yay, fun stuff. I’ve still not had any spotting or bleeding. I would expect with the cramps that I should have something, but instead it’s been nada.
I guess one thing to call out: On Wednesday I decided to give a workout a try. I was working from home and decided to run to Crossfit to meet up with Jason. I can tell that my abdominal region is sore — when I started running it took a few hundred yards for each step to not feel tender. Once a I made it to the bottom of the power trail hill and onto the Sammamish River Trail the tenderness subsided and I stuck to a constant 9 minute mile for the 2 mile jog into ACUO Crossfit. I decided not to do the WOD with the group, but did some light weight Kettlebell squats to cool down. It felt good to workout, and the cramps subsided while I was working out, which was a nice distraction. 🙂

I’ve got my post-op visit next Monday. Maybe then I’ll find out if the fact I’ve had no bleeding or spotting since Friday night is normal. I’m not sure when the cramping will subside — but I’m looking forward to them going away. I’ve still got a swollen / bloated belly, so I’m interested to know when the swelling will go down. I’ve been wearing skirts all week because it’s hurting to wear jeans tight against the belly.

***Follow-Up 4/13/2015***

So it’s been a month and I had my final doctor visit a few weeks back. The cramping coming later after the DNC was evidently normal, and it lasted a little over a week and then magically overnight it went away. The swollen/bloated belly also went away a little over 8-9 days after the surgery.
What did the doctors have to say with the Keryotyping? Well, we had a pefectly healthy little baby who for some reason they will never be able to answer had her heart stop. It saddens me to not know why or have an answer.


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